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Experience in e-commerce with the Wittchen brand

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At the end of September 2019, we started cooperation with a new client, Wittchen. The brand is known for its high-quality suitcases and bags, widely represented in Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Ukraine and Russia.

+79% Increasing the number of leads
-16% The cost of engagement has dropped so much
+24 & -33% An increase in the number of clicks with a decrease in the cost of a click
~46 Hours spent on design and development

Start of advertising campaign

Before the start of the advertising campaign, the client set us the task of reducing the DRR indicator, as it was critically high for the client’s business goals.
Having chosen income and DRR as the main indicators for measuring results, we got down to business.

Case 1


First, we conducted a comprehensive audit of client campaigns in Google Ads and carried out optimization:

  • Disabled unprofitable campaigns.
  • Restarted the RK by brand in the search.
  • Stopped DSA campaigns.
  • Reconfigured and launched Smart Shopping.

Also, together with the client, we rebuilt the funnel from making a purchase in Google Analytics through additional scripts in the site code.
Our adjustments and optimization made it possible to reduce DRR by 30% compared to the previous month and by 65% compared to last year during the same period. In the first month of work, we fulfilled the income plan by 85%.

Case 1

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